How to Avoid Regrets as a Musician

It’s probably inevitable that the older we get, the more we think about regrets we may someday have about things we have, or haven’t, done. So as a Part-Time Musician (PTM)…how do we avoid those regrets?

Some time back, friend Robert DeMaine of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra shared this satirical story, courtesy of The Onion. Like most good humor, it has enough basis in truth to really make a person think. To me, it always seems to come back to this: don’t keep your music within you.

If you haven’t yet found *your* instrument, I’d encourage you to look for it. If you have, I’d urge you to play it. Music, like most gifts, is of little worth unless it’s shared…and once shared, it’s a gift to all – including you, the giver.

It may sound trite, but simple truths are just that. Think about it.  🙂

Keep playing,


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